Monday, January 5, 2009

Twilight and Facebook

First of all my girlfriends who have been harassing encouraging me for months to create a Facebook account...

I seriously hate you.

I had two things I was waiting purposely till after the New Year to start -- Facebook and Twilight. I was going to wait till every trace of Christmas was gone from the house and I could take a breather and just relax. (Buuuwwaaahhhahahhhaaa!! Funny.)

You all might as well just give up on this blog. I am serious. I will not have time to do anything else, ever again, in my entire life, because of this stinkin' site:

Plan for last night:

Put the Bub to bed.
Check blog.
Fold some laundry.
Take tree down.
Pick up.
Take every last bit of Xmas to the basement.
Take a bath.

What that plan turned into:

Put the Bub to bed.
Check e-mail, get another request to "join."
Spend every waking minute till 12:30 a.m. on CRACKBOOK FACEBOOK.

I hate you. I do.

What I hate more is I LOVE THIS SITE.


Next, I plan to read this book. Which in turn will make me want to read the next three, IMMEDIATELY, like go-to-Borders-at-10 p.m.-when-I-finish-each-one kind of immediately:
I have heard all about this series and then Sister bought them...and was obsessed. I don't want to get obsessed! I just want to read a good book!

Is there any hope for me? Is there any way that I will really still love my husband after I am done, and not want a vampire to come sweep me away? Really, I love my husband a lot and would like to keep it that way.

So do you Facebook?? Have you read Twilight?? I am making a promise that I will not abandon my home, my projects, and you...I will figure out to make time to do my fun stuff, even it it means I get two hours of sleep a night. It is my pledge to you.

Now, I must go see who has written on my wall. See ya.

OH...I didn't forget the winner you sillies...just playing with you!! The winner of the Santa Rocks carafe is commenter No. 3 -- Jenn!!

And because I am sooooo loving...I had Sister pick another number (I bought an extra carafe to have around) and No. 41, Traci, you are the winner too!! Just e-mail me your addresses ladies!



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