Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"I feel like I'm going to cry!"

This has got to be the worst day in New York. It's snowy and raining. There is at least six inches of muck and slush on every street corner. I think I may have ruined my boots. And it's the day that word came that Domino is to cease publication after the March 2009 issue. I was sitting in the chair at the hair salon trying to enjoy a little pampering when the first death knell email of many arrived. The sentiments were all the same. Everyone is very sad and upset. Domino was a favorite among my friends and although we had heard the rumors it might fold, I hoped they would make it for a few more months or even a year. But alas it is not meant to be.

I just don't get what is wrong with American magazine publishing. Why does it seem like European magazines are doing fine while American magazines continue to fold. I would paid more per issue to keep Domino alive. It spoke to my demographic. I could relate to the designers and people profiled. I could afford the items they featured. As much as I love Elle Decor, which I picked up on my way home, it's very aspirational. That's not the way any of my friends or I live right now. Maybe someday but not today.

The worst part is that many people had just had their homes photographed for the designers to watch series for the April issue. I've already told them that I would be happy to post them on my blog. I already mentioned that I want to feature more original interiors and young designers on my blog this year so this news just makes me more determined to support, encourage and champion them and anyone else who is talented, creative and inspiring.

So if there is anyone out there who dreamed of having their home or designs published in Domino, feel free to email me. Since there aren't many shelter magazines left, I'd be more than happy to start posting them on my blog. But right now, I think I'm going to go take a look through all my old issues of Domino and mourn the loss of my favorite magazine. I might also have a good cry while I'm at it. It's a very sad day.


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