Monday, January 18, 2010

The Other Editor: Viviana Volpicella

While I appreciate Anna Dello Russo's over the top outfits during fashion week, she works for Vogue Nippon after all, it's her fashion assistant's style that I really admire. Viviana Volpicella makes even a simple outfit of pants and a blouse look chic and stylish. Then again, you could probably put her in a paper bag and she'd still look just as chic and stylish because she is Italian and that's what they do. But it's got to be that great smile that makes me like her so much. There is nothing worse than a person who takes themselves too seriously. Someone who wears yellow must also have a sunny personality to match! I think once you see her signature style in action, you'll agree with me. Just ignore the ubiquitous cigarette. As I said, she's Italian!

Photos by The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton and Garance Dore


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