Saturday, January 2, 2010

Coming in 2010!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great evening and first few days of the year!

I am SO excited about some of the bloggy events I have planned for 2010. I wanted to share the plan with you so you know what’s coming up.

The first is the Before and After Party, which I’ve decide to make a monthly event. It will take place on the first Monday of every month. All you need is a before picture and your final picture. It can be anything – a DIY project, organizing progress, crafts, whatever! I adore seeing transformations so this party has really been fun for me!

Get ready cause the first party of the year is this Monday, the  4th (I’ll actually have the linky up late on Sunday evening). Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!


I’ve got some great giveaways set up for the year, the first is this coming weekend. You will love it! I’m so excited because it’s different from any of the other giveaways I’ve done.

Which brings me to my next shindig – instead of the organizing party we did last year, I think a cleaning party is in order. It’s that time of year! ;) Join me on Monday, January 18th to share your favorite cleaning tips, products, etc:


I’ve already started decluttering (Toys!! Gah!), and soon I’ll begin the massive cleaning of our house I do every year. I’ll also take you through the process I use to declutter, clean and organize each room in our home.

And I’ll make you get rid of your crap. I will. Get ready. :)

Finally, throughout the year, at least monthly, I’ll school you in every little detail about the tools I use for my home improvement (and even some craft) projects. I hope to use lots of video for these posts, so I can really show you how to use the tools.


You’ll get to go to school, learn and not worry about passing a test! Woohoo! And if you skip class I won’t even know. Yesssss.

Well, that’s the big plans for the year! I’ve got some home projects I can’t wait to tackle, but first, I must go weed through more toys. They are multiplying. I’m not even kidding. Help.


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