Sunday, January 17, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean Party!

I apologize now for the OutKast song that will now be playing in your head for the next 24 hours. (At least.) Buwahahaha!

So it’s time for a new kind of party at TDC. I’ve told you before I’m a bit of a weirdo (which you know on many different levels). I like to clean. It makes me feel good. I mean, again, if I could go shopping or clean the house – I’d probably pick shopping. But if it were laundry or cleaning – hands down cleaning. My favorite part of it is vacuuming – but more on that later. ;)

First of all – a few of the products I use constantly and love. (No, I’m not getting paid for any of these. I just love em!) I told you about my love of the green Shaklee products last weekend. They are quickly replacing most of the products I use because I really do love them and they WORK. There are still a couple others that I use and love for certain areas, mostly because of their ease of use.

I use Clorox wipes for

009 Counters, sinks, baseboards, window sills, toilets (eww!) – I use them constantly. We get the ginormous packs of them at Costco or wherever so I can keep one or two on each floor of the house.

I guess you can use them on mirrors too, but I haven’t tried that. Mostly because I think of this commercial every time I think about trying it. Ummm…that commercial totally grosses me out. I mean, I’m not even kidding. Ew.

Speaking of mirrors – this Pledge stuff is fanfreakingtastic:

010I use this one for anything I need to dust – even electronics (spray the microfiber cloth, not the electronic!). It’s also awesome on mirrors, window and stainless steel. It’s hard to find cleaning products that work well on stainless well.

Anyone else ever tried olive oil on their stainless? I saw that on HGTV last year and gave it a try – HUGE mess. Didn’t work for me.

I have, however, had luck with using newspaper to clean windows. It’s crazy weird, but it works. No streaks, no mess on the windows. There is, however, a mess on your hands, so I stick with paper towels and microfiber clothes now.

Umkay, I’ve mentioned I detest laundry, right? Oh yeah, I guess so. (With a burning passion, in case you didn’t catch that.) Well, this weekend was spent decluttering and organizing our master closet. It looks AMAZING!! (Sing song voice.) Although, it took doing about 12 loads of laundry to get it the way I wanted, which just about put me over the edge.

There is a product for the laundry we starting using a few months ago that I LOVE. It at least makes the whole job just a teensy bit easier. Those Bounce bars that you stick in the dryer ROCK my WORLD! Awesome! You just stick it on the inside of the dryer:


When it is worn off, you will start to see the word “replace” --


When that shows you just slide it out and slide the new one in. They work! Maybe it’s the lazy in me, but skipping the step of grabbing a dryer sheet (or two) is awesome. Our last bar lasted at least three months – I bet it was more like four. I think they’re about four bucks.

Has anyone tried the Purex sheets? The ones with the detergent, softener and dryer sheet in one? I’ve always wondered if those work.

Finally – my two favorites. I love to vacuum because my vacuum sucks:


BIG TIME! Oh my heart goes pitter pat when I see you, you Animal. I LOVE TO VACUUM! The Dyson is one of the best investments we’ve ever made in our house – I highly recommend it.

One of my girlfriends got one a few years ago, and was going on and on and ON about it so I finally borrowed it. Um. Helloooooo AWESOME! It wasn’t even two weeks later that I went out and got our own. I even vacuumed with our (decent) vacuum before I went to the store on that glorious day and then vacuumed the same room again with the Dyson when I got home just to see the difference.

Uh, I don’t know if it was good or bad that the canister was FULL. Good that this purple little guy SUCKS. Bad that we had been living with a vacuum for didn’t for so long. With three cats, it’s a necessity in this house.

It is an investment. I got ours years ago when we used credit cards – which we don’t anymore. ;) At the time I think it was about $350. I always said I would never in a meeeellion years spend that much on a vacuum and yet again I have eaten my “never” words.

My other vacuum I love – the Shark dust buster. Perfect for those quick trips around the hard floors – especially in the kitchen. It’s powerful enough to pick up the trail of crackers the Bub leaves behind and also for all the cat hair around this joint.

Love it!!:


Yes. Oh yes. I took a picture with my sweet little Shark. It’s that awesome. I lurve it.

Because the Dyson was jealous:

018 Oh my word, I am SO glad my husband did not walk in on that picture. He would know for a fact I have lost my mind. I was laughing so hard I was crying when I looked at that picture after I took it. Ha! That’s me with no makeup, hair up after a day of decluttering. Ahhhh yes…bliss!

Now share your cleaning gems with us! Great organizing and decluttering tips are welcomed too! Anyone find an easy way to clean out the oven? Know how to fold a fitted sheet? Let us know!

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