Thursday, December 11, 2008

An advent calendar done. (12 days late!)

So what if it's supposed to be for the 24 days before Christmas? The Bub is two and he doesn't really understand why there's only been an advent box every few days or so, with the wrong days on them. (Yesterday was "22." Yeah.)

But now, we'll be good to go for the 12 days before Christmas. I get some credit for that, right? :)

I showed you the start of these here, but I just couldn't get back to them, what with all the fluffing and glittering and greenery-puking and ten-foot trees falling...(no, the stain never came out, $100 later. Pout.)

I am IN. LOVE. with these little boxes of caa-uteness. I hope my son gets giddy at the sight of them for many years to come, just like I do right now when I look at them. Here they are all fresh and clean:

You all had GREAT ideas of going and using a die-cut machine (or whatever it's called) to cut out the numbers. One of my girlfriends is a teacher and I almost went to her school to hold that thing hostage for an hour or so, but instead just bought regular foam and used my cardboard numbers as a template. I cut out around them with the x-acto knife and it was SO much easier than the glittery paper. Then I glittered up the numbers:

This project really wouldn't take so long if I didn't bling these up (there I go again) so much. I put brads, stickers, little dots, foam stickers, all kinds of stuff on there:

Sigh. I love these things. (You should be able to enlarge this one.)

Check out Carrie's version here -- love how she hung them all together! I may have to do that next year. If you watch for these little boxes to go on sale, the price for all 24 is $12. The extras only cost me about six bucks. I think it's worth the $18 considering we'll use these for years.
Hope you enjoy it! Back with more soon!

**Edited to add: I'm going ahead with the Christmas tree party! Here's the blinky:

I'll kick this off on Monday. Have fun!!


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