Monday, December 8, 2008

No Mean Reds for Me!

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful emails and comments today! Your support and encouragement are helping me get through this scary time. I think I would be much more nervous if I didn't have the blog and all the connections that I have made from it. I am confident that things will work out for the best and definitely plan to make the most of new found time.

My first day at home has made me realize that there are actually some benefits to being unemployed such as...not having to leave your cozy apartment on the coldest day of the year. It only got to 28 degrees today! (I did actually go out later but just to pick up more diet coke!) You can stay in your robe and pajamas all day if you want to. (I don't plan on making this a habit but it was fabulous for one day! Don't worry, I got dressed to go to the store.) You spend less money by making your own lunch than you would buying it at City Bakery. (Sliced roast beef on arugula with shaved Parmesan cheese. Don't mind if I do.) You have lots of time to work out. (You actually have to motivate yourself exercise though which might be a problem.) You have time to make holiday treats, decorate and write out your Christmas cards. (You just have to make sure you give away more sweets than you sample!) And best of all, you also have more time to blog!

It was getting too hard to juggle everything with my day job so I am looking forward to having more time to put together more in depth, interesting and original posts. I also had someone contact me today about guest blogging for them. Things are definitely looking up!


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