Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Chic Gift Guide: YSL

What better why to treat the fashionista in your life than with an Yves Saint Laurent themed holiday. The first place to start is with the new book Yves Saint Laurent: Style which chronicles the designer's 40 years of fabulous designs through photos and drawings.

To learn more about Yves and also Karl Lagerfeld "and the glorious excess in 1970's Paris, I would also add The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake to the gift pile. It is the ultimate inside peak into the pursuit of fashion perfection and decadence of the lives of two of the world's most talented designers.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little and was obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent and his designs so seeing him in action and talking about his life in this double feature of His Life and Times and 5 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris was heaven. I think I might have to buy this myself or ask for it in my stocking because I would love to watch it over and over again, especially since he is no longer with us. And at only $24 it's a great bargain.

I'm surprised that the Yves Saint Laurent jewelry line is so reasonably priced and this $295 Opium Collection Necklace is as chic as it is cheap. Ok, it's not that cheap but when you think about how much a dress costs, it's practically free!

My mom loves receiving make-up sets for Christmas and I'm sure she would love this YSL Beaute Christmas Set for $60. The tuxedo pouch might actually be large enough for all her products. Now you know where I get my love of products and fashion!

The ultimate carryall all for all the goodies above would be the YSL Patent Downtown Tote which would set you back $1895 but it's already a classic so it could be used forever. It could also be used as a chic carry on bag for a trip like the one below!

In order to properly pay homage to Yves Saint Laurent, then a trip to Marrakech, Morocco is in order. YSL and his long time partner and companion Pierre Bergé bought The Majorelle Garden in 1980 and restored it. It a very special place to the designer and thus his ashes were scattered in the garden which is open to the public.

But the pièce de resisitence would be an IOU and a promise to buy your loved one a little something from the sale of Yves and Pierre's amazing art collection at Christie's Paris in February. Les Coucous, Tapis Bleu et Rose by Henri Matisse above would set you back about 15-20 million Euros but maybe there is a little bargain nestled somewhere in the sale. I know I wouldn't ask for a Christmas present ever again for the rest of my life if someone bought me a painting...and maybe a bag. I could definitely use a new bag. Happy Holidays!


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