Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Time is Here

Yesterday, it was 65 degrees in New York. Right now, it's 30 degrees and snowing! Crazy! I really wanted to go out and take some photos of the city covered in snow but then I decided to stay in my warm and cozy apartment, watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and write out my Christmas cards. I remember watching Charlie Brown and the gang every year growing up and it brings back lovely memories. For some reason, Lucy was always my favorite. She was like the original Blair Waldorf and always made me laugh. And needless to say that the music is also a favorite. The snow in the city definitely signifies that Christmas time really is here!

Christmas time is here,
Happiness and cheer,
Fun for all that children call,
Their favorite time of the year.

Snowflakes in the air,
Carols everywhere,
Olden times and ancient rhymes,
Of love and dreams to share.

Sleigh bells in the air,
Beauty everywhere,
Yuletide by the fireside,
And joyful memories there.

Christmas time is here,
We'll be drawing near,
Oh, that we could always see,
Such spirit through the year,
Oh, that we could always see,
Such spirit through the year...


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