Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tree catastrophe

Soooooooo yeah...

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to get all of the Christmas stuff done and out and all the bins put away? Well, I did. I got it ALL done. And I was basking in it all evening. Even got to bed before midnight.

This morning we woke up to this:

I didn't cry.


I didn't cry.

Our ten foot real tree, base filled with water...on the floor.

Oh for all that is good, you've got to be kidding me.

I've had a real tree almost every year of my 33 years and nothing like this has ever happened. While we struggled to get it back up, I realized the stand was cracked and that's why it fell.

The floor was soaked. And the ribbon got soaked. And stained the floor.

Big. pink. spot.

Yeah. Really.

Took a trip to Target, got a new stand, new bag, new ornaments. I'm OK.

It is still in the old stand, barely hanging on. I'm waiting for it to fall any second...Hubby is performing at a show and Sister isn't home yet. When they get back we'll get everything back to normal. Till then even the cats aren't allowed to breathe on it.

And I'll show you our magnificent tree later. Sniff.

I'm not crying.

I swear.


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