Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bling bling your light fixtures

First of all, thanks for all the sweet comments on my Bub. He had a great birthday, and I cannot believe he is two! Funny how the terrible two's started literally on his birthday. Huh. Interesting. (His "terrible" is not so bad, but still.)

So tonight I wanted to share how easy it is to add some bling bling on your chandeliers or light fixtures. My example for the class is my $30 kitchen chandelier. (Yes, $30, told you, don't hate.)

Every year I stick greenery and a few ornaments up there. This year I did bit more:

Last year I added the glass ornaments filled with "snow."

This year, I added MORE ornaments, filled with curled up ribbon. I saw this somewhere in blogland, and Erin did a CAUTE version I loved!!:

So to bling them up some more (why don't I say that one. more. time.) I used my snowflake puncher to cut out glittery snowflakes and glued them on:

Added my little beady green sparkly things that go on candlesticks to the lights...

Some cheap snowflake ornaments from the day after Christmas last year...taaaa daaa!!
Just so you don't miss a square inch of it, another view. Sheesh Sarah:

Really, the cost for this is just in the glass ornaments...which at Hob Lob is about $3. And then the snow, which is $2. (Warning -- you need a good funnel for this. Major pain the bootay. Fake snow sticks to everything. Everything.)

Oh my goodness...I have so much to show you, it's hard to decide what to show next!! I'll show you some wreaths later this week...any other ideas? OH, and I'll show you how garland pukes all over my house too. OH, and my craft projects. OH and fun ideas I've seen all over...OH OH and my easy, cheap gifts. OH!

I'm done.

Edited to add: CRAP my countdown DOES NOT say "14 days till Christmas." Santa, don't lie!! 14 DAYS??


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