Thursday, December 4, 2008

So I can put stuff in them...

Here's the link to the Favorite Things party again...I won't pick a winner of the giveway till Saturday morning, so you have till then to join in! This has been so much fun!

So lately I've become quite enamored with apothecary jars, as I know many of us have. I just didn't want to spend a load on them, so I've been picking up a few as I've seen them over the past few months. My sister (She lives with us right now -- a recent graduate. Yes, she has a job. A good one. No, it doesn't pay crap.) gives me the stink eye every time I bring one in and fill it with stuff.

Me: Look, I filled it with fill-in-the-blank! Isn't it cute?
Sister: (Stink eye.) Why do you buy these glass things and fill them with stuff?
Me: (Giving her my best you-don't-know-anything-about-anything groan.) It's CUTE. Look!
Sister: I don't get it. Why can't you just leave them alone?
Me: (Horrified.) I only get these so I can put STUFF in them. Gah, don't you know anything???

So anyhoo, I've had so much fun filling these up for Christmas!! Our hutch in the dining room houses most of them:

Puhleeeeze don't buy the $7 gold pine cones from Target!! Buy the cheap ones and spray paint them gold! I got a bunch for .49 from Goodwill and painted them myself:

This one was a Goodwill find for $1.99. Whooty-freakin'-hoo! I knocked a few women over to get to it. (You think I'm kidding.) Filled with $2 of bells from the dollar store:

Got this one for 50 percent off at Micheal's. I love how Shannon put snow in one of hers so I totally copied. Threw in some sparkly ornaments I dug out of the basement:

This you may have seen back on my birthday post. I think it's meant to be one of the cheese platter thingys, but I painted the base black so it would look like it is supposed to be another "glass thing to put stuff in:"

Over the years, I have made our hutch into a sort of wine cabinet. I installed the wine glass holders up above, and put our wine rack inside soon after we got it. Now I want to continue the wine theme, so I got some corks off Ebay months ago and found this beauty at my local consignment shop a few weeks ago for $8!!! I LOVE the huge glass stopper. Ohhh this thing makes my heart go pitter-pat:

Isn't it GORG? I put a strand of $2.50 gold beads inside:

I've shown you this with a pumpkin in it, it's another cheese plate I transformed in my quest to find yet another "glass thing to put stuff in." I've got problems. But it was only $1.99 people! I threw in some garland scraps and gold stars I had from Christmases past...

Have you seen these at Target??:

Please don't buy them! Go to the floral area at Hobby Lobby, grab some of the wood thingys shaped like a tree. Spray paint them gold, then spray a coat of gold glitter spray paint over that. These were something like $3 each. I made them years ago and they still look perfect!
More glitter:

We got this platter for our wedding from my sweet friend Penni. It has always had a spot right in the middle. :)

Pretty eh? I love my glass things to put stuff in.

What do you put in YOUR glass thingys??
And last but not least, I found these at Micheal's too, and actually paid the full price of $4 each for them because I just adored them. Look! Itty bitty apothecary jars!:

But wait. I hate candy canes.

Ah yes...sweet bliss! Much better. HANDS OFF FAMILY.

I'm watchin' you.


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