Sunday, December 21, 2008

Make your home glow with Christmas

I'm running out of time to show you some fun stuff, so this post will be a slew of pictures, bam, bam BAM!!! Ahhhhh!!

First of all, I had to show you another Goodwill project. (Don't worry, I still have MORE.) I got these little square boards for .49 each, got the letters on sale, had the paper and glitter, so this was waaaay less than $10. I. LOVE. IT.

So here we go, a tour of our home and the way it glows at Christmas...
If you have a bell jar or cloche, stick Christmasy type things in with some lights, and there. you. go. (This thing is way cool -- wish this pic did it justice.)

Again, with the flash, this does not really show the GORGeousness. I throw my extra poinsettias in here with some garland and lights.

The candles from the mantle are now nestled in some snow to make the TV look Christmasyier. Word? Huh. OK.

This scrolly iron thingy I can't get looking how I want any other time of the year...but with some greenery and pics, just love it:

Long ago I spray painted my pears with gold and then a light coat of gold glitter spray. It always does the trick.

Do you know what I am SOOOO over? My blinds. Would you like to know how much we spent on them when we moved in?? (Well, really, it wasn't that bad because I got them for 40 percent off at Penney's, but STILL.) Now I want more of the wooden roman shades everywhere instead. GREAT.

We got these candles as a gift for our wedding, and I absolutely adore them. They are so fun to dress up for the holidays. I use little styrofoam balls, some ribbon and a few berry pics and they are ready for Christmas!

Do you light your candles? I don't, not the "holiday" ones anyway. I've found PERFECT candles to go with my decor and they are only lit for pictures. :) Plus, we have fat kitties with big fluffy tails. Not a good combo.

I got this church to remember the year we got married (today is our anniversary!! MUWAH MY LOVE!!):

Wanna know how the greenery doesn't go POOF from the candles?

Awww yeah baby, LED candles. Get some!! They even flicker.

I'll be back at least one more time before Christmas. Are you done wrapping?
But I actually enjoy wrapping, and after tomorrow, I'll be completely done shopping and can wrap to my heart's content in the evenings. I look forward to it.


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