Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Art and Homes of Hunt Slonem

I'd never heard of Hunt Slonem until I read the most fascinating article about him, Southern Gothic, in the New York Times. Mr. Slonem is a New York artist whose passion for art and mansions is also chronicled in the new book “Pleasure Palace: The Art and Homes of Hunt Slonem.”

The word eccentric was created for artists like Hunt Slonem who "rents 30,000 square feet — about 80 rooms — of former office space in the West Village neighborhood in New York City, which houses 35 birds, tropical plants and wildly colored areas. The yearly rent is about $300,000, a spectacular deal in New York." You have to check out the video tour of his home on!

His style is not even close to mine but his story and his love of old homes is admirable and interesting. If it weren't for people like Hunt Slonem, the world would be a very boring and probably beige place. I look forward to buying his book and learning even more about this colorful character.

Photos by Fred R. Conrad


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