Monday, September 17, 2007

diy a room divider from ivar units

shirley sent me her room divider hack using the ivar side unit.

she says: "i needed a portable screen to a) give visiting guests sleeping on the sofa bed some privacy and b) screen my somewhat messy work area from both my and my roommate's visiting clients. (i'm a graphic designer and the room-mate is a musician/composer/producer)

canvas room dividerso far, this has taken about twelve hours to assemble.
2 hours - drilling and screwing on the six piano hinges.
10 hours - measuring, ripping , fitting and sewing the canvas. i had to redo some bits a few times as i made mistakes.

i estimate another 10 hours to pin fit and sew the canvas edges, then another afternoon to prime the canvas. then i have to design the graphic and paint it."

she used piano hinges to join ivar units in a fan-fold formation. then sewed a canvas cover for it, with velcro to hold the fabric taut. she has yet to finish the raw edges and complete the large scale graphic on the canvas.

diy room divider room divider frame
room divider canvas with velcro

view more of shirley's room divider in her flickr set. also in the set is a corridor carpet from 3 flokati rugs.


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