Thursday, September 6, 2007

make a light tent for small object photography

when mike g sent me a link from a site called evil mad scientist, i was sufficiently intrigued. alas, no ikea-world-domination-scheme in sight but a clever hack.

lenore created a photography light tent out of an ikea lamp shade. shooting a small object inside the light tent minimizes reflections, shadows and backgrounds. brilliant!

photography light tentdiy photography light tentall you need is a skimra lamp shade with a hole on its side for your camera lens to peep through. the lampshade is already a diffuser and the curved surface provides the seamless background. it gets pretty good shots too (see samples below).

lampshade light tent sample pix lampshade light tent sample pix

see more of the evil mad scientist's lampshade light tent.


ikeahacker on nyt!
much thanks to penelope for the wonderful feature on ikea hacking and this blog. i am absolutely thrilled to read their stories and 'see' some of the hackers! click here to read the article and view slideshow. yes, there's a bit about the real me too. :)


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