Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tonne Tonne Tonne

I thought I would continue the "I hate them because their homes are beautiful" theme that has taken over my coverage of the domiciles of the stylish during fashion week with the townhouse of Tonne Goodman and her family. For those of you who don't know, Tonne is a former model and current fashion director at Vogue. Reason enough to hate her but she lives in one of the most amazing homes in Greenwich Village, a neighborhood I am longing to live in as well.

She found the townhouse in a state that had been barely altered in more than 150 years, a rare find in renovation-crazy New York and worked with architect Michael Watson to create a family friendly yet aesthetically pleasing home. Anyone who's seen Tonne can attest that her fashion style is "minimalist, classic, contemporary and unadorned" as is her decorating style. "I was always impressed with the Italian approach that mixed pure modernism with original classic elements in period buildings, and I thought this was the perfect space in which to achieve that."

Anyone who's read my blog knows that I too love period architectural details juxtaposed with clean and classic furnishings and Tonne has definitely accomplished that look in her townhouse. In the upstairs landing above, a mid-century string upholstered chaise sits next to a giltwood framed mirror that is original to the house. Even her rowing machine is minimal and aesthetically pleasing in it's environment.

Tonne, like everyone at Vogue, is pretty well connected. Her husband is a Gimbel of the Gimbel's department story family and the step-son of director Sydney Lumet. She was also discovered by Diana Vreeland and become friends with her sons, Alexander and Nicky, the latter of whom became a Buddhist monk and lives upstairs in the townhouse. How's that for impressive?!

I love this townhouse and I think it lives up to it's past grandeur with some decoration but a lovely pared down aesthetic that is never cold or severe. I think she definitely achieved her desire for "a pure and beautiful space where the proportions were right, but the kids could mess it up if they needed to." Just hope she cleans up before Anna Wintour stops by!


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