Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's a little dreary in New York this morning so I think I little shopping might be in order today but before I go, I thought I would tell you about a few of my new favorite things. Enjoy!

J. Crew Enamel Bracelets - These bracelets are fabulous and affordable! Plus, they come in a rainbow of colors. I wore two orange and one purple 1/4 in. size bracelets together the other day and everyone loved them. My friend Phillip called them my Faux-mes bracelets after Hermes. Definitely check them out!

KA7 Wool Jacket - It's supposed to be very chilly tomorrow and I can't wait to wear this jacket. It's so luxuriously soft and stylish and looks great with jeans. I bought it the warm beige color but I could only find an example in black online but I think Banana Republic has a very similar jacket.

Citizens of Humanity Hutton Jeans - I am so happy that skinny jeans are out this season because it means I have more jean options and I LOVE these from Citizens. I can wear jeans to work and this pair looks stylish and professional with the higher rise, darker wash and trouser hem.

Nars Chinatown Nail Polish - I started transitioning to fall weeks ago and one of my first steps is to change from neutral polish on my toes to Nars Chinatown polish, a really deep dark red. It's my signature color for fall/winter and looks great peeking out of a pair of peep toe pumps.

Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It's Luster - Everyone is talking about this book and for good reason. It's a behind the curtain look at how the luxury industry operates that will leave you impressed, amazed, and outraged. I can't put it down!

Green Fig Home Ambiance Perfume by Antica Farmacista - I am obsessed with the smell of figs. I have every fig candle ever made and just recently found this green fig room fragrance that is the perfect unisex scent for fall, especially since figs are in season now.

*I'm not sure everyone realized this but if you click on the orange titles, it's a link to the product online. I guess I should have mentioned this earlier. My bad!


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