Sunday, September 9, 2007

Carlos Souza Part One: New York

Even though Valentino doesn't show during New York fashion week, he's still a huge presence in the city and his Director of Public Relations, Carlos Souza has an apartment here. If you think it was easy to hate Diane von Furstenberg for her amazing homes, then you're really going to hate Carlos Souza! This native of Brazil is a former model and has a home in Rome, two in Brazil and his pied-a-terre in New York seen here.

I thought Carlos Souza was also the perfect follow up to Diane von Furstenberg because you can see his love of travel reflected in the mementos that are displayed throughout his apartment. I think very personal objects are what exemplifies great and interesting design. I want to someone to say that table is from their grandmother, that sculpture was from a trip to Asia and that painting was picked up from the Paris flea market, not that an interior designer picked everything out. And such is the case with Souza...although he did have a little help.

The previous owner of the apartment was interior designer Jeffrey Bilhuber who left behind parchment covered walls and ebonized 12-foot bedroom doors. Souza also had some help from his friend Carlos Mota, a magazine stylist, who acted more as a guide than a designer.

Souza shipped over Ming cabinets, a lacquered table and painted stools from Indonesia, and other Asian objects for the apartment and added to the mix with self-designed rugs, a suzani bedspread from Mughal, and some Crate and Barrel couches that were covered with pillows made from couture fabric remnants that cost more than the sofas! I told you that you would hate him!

Carlos Souza also has an enviable art and photography collection that lends warmth and character to his apartment along with many accessories picked up on his travels that add up to what every well dressed apartment should aspire to emulate.

Photos by Oberto Gili


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